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Painting a Chickfila and meeting an angel.

I am going to let you guys know a little bit about my day today because it was absolutely miraculous. Let me set the stage for you.Today was, I don’t know how many days of working in a row in the freezing cold painting windows (and no i am not complaining but i was COLD) and the rain was coming around 11 am and so I got up at 5:30 in order to paint by 6 and be done by 11. It was cloudy, a bit windy and dampness was definitely in the air. I was hired to paint a local Chick-fil-A by a marketer who was super interested in my story and when I told her I work with recovering addicts she asked me if i knew a woman named Mary Chinn. I replied, “no”, and she proceeded to tell me what this woman and her husband do in their “spare time”. They both work in hospitals for their employment but what they do outside.... well that is the miraculous part, just wait for this. I am Painting my little heart out, and I hear a woman say “oh my goodness, this is a God thing, I cannot believe I am meeting you, I had no idea you would be here.” And so she began to introduce herself and tell me about what she does. Before I knew it I was legit bawling outside the Chick-fil-A with a snotty nose, paint in my hair, on my face and now smudged on my nose. This woman, Mary Chinn, and her husband are recovering addicts that walk the streets of Kensington Philadelphia, PA. (AKA Heroin Capital) with an organization called Tobiah Life Center. They give out much needed supplies, narcan, pray over people, and food. She began to tell me her story and LISTEN to me when I say this. I have NEVER heard a story quite like this one. NEVER. And I stood there crying. I sobbed a bit. And get this.... the sun came out. The literal SON AND the SUN were both shinning at the same time. It was the ONLY time all morning that I was warm. I am 100% certain that God ordained our time to meet today. I also am 100% certain that we will be working together in the future. I once wrote about a young man that was saved by someone giving him narcan on the streets of Kensington. How someone saved his life that day and he wound up in rehab, clean, with a second chance. Here i was face to face with the people that actually do that. They don’t just talk about it. They do it. I want to be like Mary Chinn when I grow up. Tomorrow even. I am going to be more intentional. God’s SON just shone on me today. He used Mary Chinn to do so.

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