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Hi' Ya, Pumpkin

When i was a little girl, a family lived across the street from us for a small time. They were missionaries in Scotland, and came Home to visit family and friends a month or so, every couple years. His name was Mr. Worth and he called me “pun’kin” I loved the whole family. They had kids my same age and his parents and my parents were friends. The entire Worth family was a blessing to all of us in our sweet church. Mr and Mrs. Worth spent their whole life in Scotland as he pastored a church there and we rarely saw them. One time, as an adult, I was in church on a Sunday morning after the sermon and I hear a voice behind me say “Hi’ya Punkin’”. It was a such a precious surprise, as I had no idea they were in the states, that voice, the Scottish accent, the surprise of them being here in Jersey, at church. Tears sprang to my eyes!!! I turned around and hugged Mr. Worth and unashamedly cried a lottle! 😊😂 happy tears. . Funny how wonderful childhood memories affect us in our adult years. A voice, an accent, a nickname.... . Well, Mr. Worth, I am 44 now and a sat to paint a pumpkin and thought of you. Here it is! My painting for YOU!

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