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A Work In Progress

Uhhhh….. I mean if I did this, you may never actually hear me speak words, that is how bad I am at following this verse.


I kinda wish I was like a fake instagram account, the ones that make you all think things are rosy and good. I made a promise to myself to NEVER be that account. I suppose I don’t have to share everything I struggle with, but if someone put a shock collar on me and zapped it each time I grumbled or complained, my hair would look like my 80’s hair and I would be twitching and rocking in the corner. (laughing emoji’s like a lot or a crazy one)


Praising God that He knows I am a work in progress. And may He always keep my heart tender to His word, so when I read it, and may I be able to “hear” what i need to work on. Today I am remembering that I need to work on this.

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