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                                                                              We are a husband and wife team,

                                                  with 4 children, hoping to help you find

                                                                     "Your Inner Artist"


In 2016, Your Inner Artist Designs began out of a time of despair and deep pain. As with many artists, Heather looked to art to be therapeutic and to give her a sense of relief. Almost overnight Heather was given the gift of art in order to help cope during the hardship of uncovering a family member’s affliction with drug addiction.


Heather found herself painting day and night and then began teaching private paint parties, kid’s birthday parties and large event parties. She also began hand drawing murals, painting interior murals and selling her own commissions and eventually selling prints of her original art. In 2018 she was asked to teach art classes at Victory Bay Recovery Center in Laurel Springs, NJ, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. In 2019, she began teaching at two additional rehabilitation centers. Barbara’s place at America’s Keswick in Whiting, NJ and Victory Homes in Kensington, Philadelphia PA.


Although Heather’s passion is working with recovering addicts and loving them through the gifts art (and sometimes donuts) she finds herself, busy with window murals. Winter murals are typically booked almost every day during the months of November and December. She is booking for winter 2020.


Currently, Heather has expanded her teaching to online classes in order to help relieve stress for many during this quarantine time. Private classes and some free facebook classes are available. 


Heather, along with her husband David, fully credit God with her gift of art. Not having the ability to paint before 2016, they feel that God gift wrapped this talent and delivered it to Heather during a time she needed it the most. They believe she was given this gift for her own mental health and now so she can love on recovering addicts during their hardships. She is eternally grateful to a merciful God who is the giver of good gifts. During her work with people who are afflicted with addiction and seeing the destruction of drugs in one’s life, she is constantly working on ending the stigma of addiction. There is one verse that has proven true over and over and it is this...

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life , and have it to the full.” John 10:10

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